Pink Flamingo Rentals

• We Furnish a yard sign free with rental (18" x 24") that can be


• Delivery and pick-up at no charge (full payment required upon delivery)***

• If you personally flock your yard, rental of the flock only applies

    ($95 or $75).

• Daytime flocking by us $85.00, plus rental of flock

• Early morning flocking by us (12:30 am) $110.00, plus rental of flock

• A $8 lost bird fee is charged for each missing bird during the rental period

• Optional rental insurance is available to cover any loses at $30 per rental.

• A "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign 20" letter's can be rented for an additional $35.

• All major credit cards accepted.

• Rental is for two days.


*** fuel surcharge of $25 may be added if outside service area

Full Flock
50 pink flamingos $95.00
Half Flock
25 pink flamingos $75.00